I’m a fellow physician who transforms burnout into wellness. Join me on a journey to revitalize your life, guided by empathy, science, and spirituality.

Is This You?

Are you a physician who's been tirelessly caring for others while neglecting your own health? I know it all too well - the path of a healer often leads to burnout, leaving you with physically and emotionally drained.

You're Fatigued, Anxious, and Not Able to Focus

You fear another day where you’re so exhausted you can barely drag yourself from bed. You’re snapping at your family and your staff, can’t keep your mind on task, and are constantly in fear about how to get through the day.

You're Terrified of What's to Come

You’re afraid of what’s going to happen if things don’t get better. You’re scared of pain and disability, having to stop working, not be able to pay the bills, relationships falling apart, and so much more. 

You're Ready to Rewrite Your Story

You’ve arrived at a crucial turning point, ready to take control. The fear of an uncertain future no longer holds you back – if only you know what the missing puzzle piece was. You know it’s deeper than diet and exercise, but you can’t put your finger on it.

Together, we'll embark on a journey of discovery, transformation and recovery, rewriting your story from burnout to well-being.

Here's whaT I KNOW:

This can be fixed without quitting your job or getting a divorce

I, myself, am still a practicing doctor and still married to the same man! It is absolutely possible to reclaim your well-being without having to make drastic life changes, like sacrificing your career or spouse. I’ll guide you toward a path of wellness that honors the commitments you want to keep.

Recovery can be found in the spiritual while still honoring science

Diet, exercise, and medication are all important. They just aren’t everything. Healing goes beyond what’s visible, and I’ll show you how to explore both realms for a comprehensive approach to well-being that doesn’t kick tried-and-true scientific approaches to the side.

You are a unique being and there is a special blend of modalities you need to recover

You just know there’s something missing in your recovery – likely something spiritual that doesn’t fit the mold of typical wellness advice. Sometimes you feel crazy trying to figure it out, wasting time going around in circles. Together, we’ll discover the personalized blend that will lead you to healing and vitality.

You will regain a feeling of ease in your body, serenity in your mind, and a life rekindled

The ultimate goal is to bring back the peace you’ve been missing, so you can get back to living a full life of joy and service. You will learn to connect spiritually, calm your mind, heal your relationships, and rediscover yourself through a gentle, holistic approach to healing.

My story
It all started with a near-death experience

My journey began with a life-altering, near-death experience during what should have been a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Diagnosed with HELLP syndrome, both my unborn child and I were on the brink of losing our lives. This wake-up call shattered the confines of my reality, revealing a world beyond what I had known in my busy, brink-of-burnout life as a medical physician.

In the liminal spaces of perception, I discovered the incredible power of possibility and manifestation. Despite being told that my daughter, born prematurely and facing severe health challenges, would face an uphill battle, and despite an extensive cerebral thrombotic process in my brain, a lucid dream or perhaps a divine vision brought me hope and healing.

It's my mission to support female physicians

Together, we'll uncover the untapped potential within ourselves and embrace a life of well-being, purpose, and joy.

This profound experience ignited a passion within me to explore the intersection of well-being, spirituality, and integrative medicine. I sought training with various practitioners in meditation, breath work, energy medicine, dream yoga, osteopathy, and transpersonal, cross cultural wisdom of esoterica to understand what occurred on the day of my daughter’s birth.

With a completed fellowship in integrative medicine, I now focus on physician wellness and burnout at my institution as well as palliative medicine for the critically ill.

As a female physician, I intimately understand the unique challenges faced by women in the medical field. It is my mission to support fellow female physicians, guiding them towards holistic well-being and helping them navigate the complexities of their personal and professional lives.

Together, we will embark on a journey of self-discovery, harnessing the power of spirituality and integrative medicine to cultivate balance, resilience, and fulfillment.


You can feel ease, peace, and joy again

Your unique key to unlocking your health is just beyond your fingertips. I'll help you discover it between magic and medicine.

You’re anxious, exhausted, and scared about your health. You’re eager to put in the effort, but you need guidance to uncover answers and navigate these transformative changes. I’m here to stand by your side. Let’s uncover the truth that’s been calling to you and embark on your recovery journey together.

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3 one-minute meditations

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